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Farm house home of the large capacity bat houses


We are a small, organic farm located in Brooks County ,Georgia. We grow organic pecans, elephant garlic and pomegranates. We also build and sell quality wood bat houses in small, medium and large sizes, with mounts and pivots for easy and safe raising and lowering of bat houses.





large capacity bat houses

large capacity bat housesWe have successfully attracted large permanent colonies of Brazilian free-tailed bats to our farm to help control our insect pests. This abundant southern species may form colonies in the hundreds, thousands or even millions.
Bats play a major role in the natural system by eating many of the insects that attack crops. By establishing bat colonies within or close to farms, orchards or gardens, many pest insects can be reduced.


Our mission is to grow healthy food in a manner that is not harmful to the environment, provide a source of bat houses patterned after our own working units, and to teach about their practical application for pest control. Our large bat house units are installed in county and state parks, nature centers and wildlife management areas. With the use of our pivots, installation costs are greatly reduced. Our steel weather caps extend the life of our bat houses by years, reduce maintenance and moderates interior bat house temperatures.



Pebble Hill Grove participates in yearly farm tours and welcomes farm visits. Just call or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it anytime.